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Fair Work and Economic Transparency


my research on economic transparency 

Novel ways of collaborating and pooling resources are being made possible by a new wave of Internet projects promoting transparency through commodity chains. The central element in these new projects is the ability of non-proximate transparency to effect patterns of consumption and economic flows. My work in this area examines how a variety of social networks and the ability of consumers to monitor distant nodes on production chains can reorganise economic activities.

My efforts centre on developing useful frameworks for the effects of non-proximate transparency, as well as detailed empirical studies on multiple transparency-promoting projects. I am setting up a commodity chain tracing project ( that will allow people to harness the power of user-generated content to uncover the hidden production practices, environmental effects, and economic geographies behind everyday items.

You can also read a piece that I wrote for the Guardian in which I outline why this sort of project is necessary.

I have also outlined why we need more transparency in the production networks of digital work. One way of doing that could be to create a 'Fairwork Foundation': a Fairtrade Foundation for digital work (we'll be using the domain for our upcoming activities). 


Joe Shaw, Jamie Woodcock, Six Silberman


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