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We won Educational Institution of the Year at Wikimedia UK's Annual Conference!

I’m happy to report that the Oxford Internet Institute has won Wikimedia UK's Educational Institution of the Year award.

The award is in recognition of some of the work that I’ve been doing with Bernie Hogan, Ahmed Medhat, Scott Hale, Monica Stephens, and Gavin Baily. We are broadly interested in understanding issues of voice, representation, and participation in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is great at showing and telling us what it knows, but not great at communicating what it doesn’t. We have put a lot of effort into communicating these gaps and absences and hope that they have been useful to anyone who uses or edits the encyclopaedia. I’d like to thank Wikimedia UK for recognising our work, and I hope that our research continues to be useful and informative to the Wikipedia community.

Some links to our relevant work: