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Talk and Panel Schedule at the Association of American Geographers

The annual AAG meeting is fast approaching, and I’d like to share the list of sessions and panels that I’m participating in:

1) Global City Challenges: Debating a Concept, Improving the Practice

Here I will be talking about my recent chapter for a forthcoming book that shares a name with the panel (Graham, M. 2013. Virtual Geographies and Urban Environments: Big data and the ephemeral, augmented city. In Global City Challenges: debating a concept, improving the practice. eds. M. Acuto and W. Steele. London: Palgrave. (in press).)

2 Digital Divides, Digital Domination, and Digital Divisions of Labour

This session, co-organised with Monica Stephens and Alan McConchie is concerned with the geographies, networks, and power relations of the digital inequalities of the geoweb.We have five very interesting papers scheduled by Alan McConchie, Matthew Kelley, Gregory Donovan, Sarah Williams, and Quiyang Xu.

3) DOLLY and The Questing Beast: Adventures in Twitterspace

This session is devoted to discussing some of the methodological details of Twitter collection efforts at ESRI, The University of Kentucky, and the Oxford Internet Institute.  

4) More Data, More Problems? Geography and the Future of ‘Big Data’

Here I am co-chairing a panel with Taylor Shelton on the role of 'big data’ in geographic scholarship. We aim to discuss whether 'big data’ will actually provide us with more insights than more conventional methodologies? Will it limit us, liberate us, or lock us into particular ways of understanding the world? The panel we consist of Trevor Barnes, Rob Kitchin, Michael Goodchild, Sean Gorman, and Mike Batty.

5) From Dangling Cranes to Flooded Tunnels: Hurricane Sandy and the Geographies of Twitter

Taylor will be presenting this paper (co-authored with Ate Poorthuis, Matt Zook, and myself. The title gives away most of the content.