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comparing the geographies of Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian Wikipedias

As part of our efforts to map the geographies of Wikipedia (with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa), I thought that it would be worth taking a quick look at the layers of content in the Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian Wikipedias.

I’m unsure why we see more Persian focus in most of Asia (although more Arabic focus in Southeast Asia), more Hebrew focus in South America, and more Arabic focus in North America. But it is interesting that (outside of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa) we see such distinct regional focuses for each of the encyclopaedias. Many of these patterns might be explained by immigration and emigration (e.g. the links between Ethiopia and Israel). Others (as we’ve seen before) can likely be explained by dedicated editors who are on a mission to create content about particular places.

If you’d like to see more detailed maps of any of these three language versions, all relevant posts are accessible here