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Our Infographics won the Oxtalent Award

I’m happy to report that Scott Hale and I won two of the University of Oxford’s “OxTalent” awards yesterday for our work submitted in the Research Infographics category. The awards are given out each year to faculty and students at Oxford for innovative research and outreach strategies. There were a range of brilliant tools, graphics, and projects receiving awards and I honoured that our work was part of the mix. Will Hutton was also on hand to speak to us about transformative technology and innovation

I submitted a graphic that was created with Monica Stephens and Scott Hale as part of our Geographies of Knowledge publication (available as a PDF in English or German or a free iBook). The graphic visualises the distinct geographies of knowledge in Wikipedia. The graphic won “best infographic” in the competition.
Scott also won the “best student infographic” category with his beautiful visualisation of cross-linking in the blogosphere after the 2010 Haitian Earthquake

You can see other also check out other examples of work we have been doing on the OII’s data visualization site or, of course, this blog.