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Open invitation to a workshop in Amman: Middle Eastern Participation and Presence in Wikipedia

Your voice matters. Come and share your experience and opinions about Wikipedia with other Wikipedians, wiki producers, researchers, and representatives from the Wikimedia Foundation during a two-day workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to talk about and understand the most significant barriers to participation in Wikipedia in the Middle East and North Africa. As such, we would love to hear from you if you meet any of the following criteria:
  • A Wikipedian who edits Arabic Wikipedia
  • A Wikipedian who edits Wikipedia (in any languages) on articles about the Middle East
  • Someone who translates articles between any of the following language versions in Wikipedia: Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Persian.
  • Someone who is eager to get more involved with the project, and would like to meet people with similar ambitions.
  • Someone that would like to give a short talk or presentation to other Wikipedians from the region (e.g. about conflict or marginalization, barriers to participation, and circumvention strategies and tools).
The workshop will have limited space available, so we ask everyone to submit a one page letter detailing why your participation will benefit Wikipedia, the goals of the workshop, and your personal development as a contributor to Wikipedia. 

Sessions and conversations will be held simultaneously in Arabic and English, and you will only need to be fluent in one of these languages to participate. 

In order to facilitate participation, we have a small number of scholarships available that will support travel to (and in some cases accommodation in) Amman.

Please email Dr. Ilhem Allagui at and express your interest in joining this workshop. Please discuss your experience and how involved are you with Arabic Wikipedia, you may be eligible to a travel grant to attend this workshop. 

Workshop location: Jordan Media Institute- Amman, Jordan
Workshop dates: April 11-12, 2012
More information about this project at:

Workshop organisers:
Mark Graham (University of Oxford)
Bernie Hogan (University of Oxford)
Ilhem Allagui (American University of Sharjah)