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New paper: Geography and the future of big data, big data and the future of geography

Taylor Shelton and I recently convened an article forum on Geography and ‘Big Data’ in Dialogues in Human Geography.

Our lead article, “Geography and the future of big data, big data and the future of geography” (pre-pub version here) points to some of the potentials of 'big data’ in geography and some of the potentials of geography in 'big data.’ But it also argues that we need to remain cautions of the ways that 'big data’ can obscure, rather than reveal, the complexity of social and spatial processes.

We were privileged with a group of very knowledgeable and critical scholars to develop this important and timely conversation. The rest of the special issue can be accessed here, or through the links below.

Rob Kitchin: Big data and human geography: Opportunities, challenges and risks 

Evelyn Ruppert: Rethinking empirical social sciences 

Michael Batty: Big data, smart cities and city planning 

Michael Goodchild: The quality of big (geo)data

Sean Gorman: The danger of a big data episteme and the need to evolve geographic information systems 

Sandra González-Bailón: Big data and the fabric of human geography 

Trevor Barnes: Big data, little history