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My talk schedule at the New York AAG conference

The AAG Annual Meeting starts next week, and I wanted to quickly outline the talks and sessions I am presenting, organising, or co-authoring:

Feb 23rd: “Uneven Geographies of Knowledge: The Internet and the Need for Broader Participation” 5pm-8pm at the Development Geographies Specialty Group pre-conference.

Feb 24th: “The Technology of Religion: Mapping Religious Cyberscapes” 12:40pm - a paper that I have co-authored with Taylor Shelton and Matt Zook. Taylor will be presenting this one.

Feb 25th: “Augmented realities and uneven geographies: exploring the geolinguistic contours of the Web” 8:20am in the session on “Information Geographies” that I am also co-organising.

Feb 26th: “The First Annual Iron Sheep gathering/meeting/challenge

Feb 28th: “Iron Sheep: An open session dedicated to lightning mapping and understanding VGI in the "wild”“ 8:00am, and despite the fact that I’m a co-organiser, I’ll unfortunately have to skip this one in order to get back to Oxford in time to teach my ICT and Development course (which starts an hour after this session ends!).

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