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Mapping Edits from Africa in Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post examining where Wikipedia edits come from. The map below drills into the data in slightly more detail in order to visualise where edits in Africa come from (the data include edits to all language versions of Wikipedia).

The answer is that there are way more edits originating in Egypt than anywhere else on the continent. South Africa is then a distant second. The grey patches in Africa indicate countries that didn’t even register enough edits to show up in the Wikimedia Foundation’s sampling of edits.

The number of Internet users in a country explains some of the patterns that we see here, but can’t in any way explain all of the variance in the map (e.g. take a look at Nigeria - a country with over 45 million Internet users).

My team and I are currently working on a paper in which we use a range of secondary data to further examine these inequalities in participation in East Africa and the Middle East and North Africa. I’ll share a draft as soon as possible.