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Colombian Minister of ICT to speak at the Oxford Internet Institute
The Colombian Minister of ICT, Mr Diego Molano, will be visiting the Oxford Internet Institute on June 24 to give a talk titled: “Clues to ICT4D policies in developing countries: The Colombian Example

The talk will be part of our ongoing ICT and Development seminar series and is open to anyone interested in the topic. If you’d like to attend, please sign up here.

More about his talk below:

In the last four years Colombia has experienced a digital revolution derived from an ambitious public policy plan called “Vive Digital”, which aims at reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment. Colombia has gone from 20% to 96% of its municipalities connected to the Internet and has multiplied by four the number of Internet connections, mainly in low income households.
This South American country received in 2012 the GSMA Government Leadership Award for having the best ICT public policy worldwide. It was also portrayed as a case study in the last World Economic Forum meeting in Davos and became the subject of a Washington Post article, which called the plan “Genius”. So what is all the noise about?
In this session, Mr. Diego Molano, Minister of ICT of Colombia, will highlight the key elements of this revolutionary plan, based on the strategic development of a carefully designed ICT Ecosystem, and explain his particular ICT4D approach.
This is the Opportunity to discuss with an ICT Policy Leader the main challenges that Colombia, as well as other middle income countries face, as they embark on the journey of ICT deployment as a tool to overcome poverty and support development.