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Welcome to my new website:

Welcome to my new website! 

My first ever site was made in the late 90s thanks to some kind neighbours in Oldham County, Kentucky who let me come over as much as I wanted and use their computer and dial-up connection. I ended up with an immersive and typically-kitsch Geocities page that didn't really convey all that much. It did have a lot of 90s gifs though! My next effort was in university, in which I built some rather esoteric pages that tried to convey a sense of being lost in cyberspace. Strange glitchy images than took the user down rabbit-holes to convey vague messages about contemporary techno-capitalism.  Both efforts are sadly (or maybe luckily) lost in the digital dustbin of time now. 

It wasn't until the mid-2000s that I made my first professional site ( to attempt to convey what it was that I was interested in, and what it was that I was doing as a Geographer. I used that site for a digital home, and for blogging. My first post there was in 2006 and promised 'papers, ideas, maps, and graphics to come soon...'.

That web-presence then morphed into a sprawling mess of sites that I share content on. In addition to, and, I use, co-run and/or share information on,,,, and

But I've finally got my act together, and pulled everything together into a more centralised and congealed site (i.e. this one). When I say 'I', I actually mean with the massive help of David Peter Simon - who encouraged me to do it, dreamt up the structure, ported the content over, designed what you see now, and helped in all sorts of other ways (thanks again David!). 

There's still a lot I want to tweak and edit on here, so apologies for anything that feels a bit work-in-progress. But in the meantime, please poke around, and do let me know if you have any ideas on how best to disseminate any of the papers, ideas, maps, and graphics that I'm trying to share.

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